Posing Girls & Horses

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Posing tutorial for girls and horses.



Photographing horses and humans together is always a challenge, even when you’ve done it a time or two. As an experienced professional equine portrait photographer, Kirstie Jones shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she directs a typical session to guarantee usable images.

During this 80+ minute video, you’ll join Kirstie on-set to pose the horse, how to pose the equestrian and how to pose the two together for a natural, attractive series of images that convey the bond between horse and rider. You’ll gain insight on how to interact with your subject to put them at ease for beautiful images. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to problem-solve for light challenges, windy days, uncooperative horses, posing difficulties, and safety concerns.

Back in the studio, Kirstie brings you behind the computer screen as she walks through a review and self-critique of images from the photoshoot. You’ll learn how to critique and improve your own images as she shares what worked and what didn’t that day. You’ll gain skills to improve photos as you take them, in order to save valuable time in post-production. Additionally, you’ll get a peek into Kirstie’s gear bag, and tips on ways to get a great expression from your equine models.

BONUS: 36 posing cue cards to save on your phone’s camera roll with ideas for on-the-go inspiration.

1 review for Posing Girls & Horses

  1. Cassidy

    Absolutely loved this tutorial and can’t wait to play around with some new poses! I felt like my posing in sessions was getting stale and I needed to breath some life into it… this video did exactly that! This is the second video I’ve purchased from Kirstie and definitely won’t be the last!

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