Black Background Tutorial

Learn how to photograph and edit black background-style portraits.



Black background portraits are wildly popular within the equine industry – and for great reason! They produce flattering images for both horses and humans alike that are ready to sell + hang as artwork.

In this 60+ minute course, you become a virtual second shooter as equine photographer Kirstie Jones takes you alongside her on a black background session, including: how she chooses locations around the barn, how she incorporates light into different settings, how she poses + instructs horses and clients, and how she composes the images. Starting with a horse and human, Kirstie explains exactly where to place the subjects for the best portrait possible. Next, Kirstie instructs the best way to photograph the elusive black horse on a black background. Lastly, Kirstie photographs a light-colored horse to discuss the differences and nuances when setting exposure and composition.

After the photoshoot, Kirstie invites viewers to take a seat beside her computer screen as she works through a session’s images. You’ll go through her process as she culls, uses Lightroom and finishes in Photoshop to edit her photos. You will learn how she determines which photos to keep and deliver, how she decides the editing steps and which steps she tends to outsource. Kirstie shows the entire process for both full-body portraits and headshots in order to give the full scope of editing techniques and tools. 

Whether you’re highly familiar with these tools for editing, or you’re just getting your feet wet, you’ll finish this tutorial with new tricks to try and workflow to tweak for your own business.


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